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The new iPhone will get a superfast Wi-Fi module and improved Face ID
Analysts at Barclays revealed a new feature of the future flagship Apple. According to their forecasts, the range iPhone (2019) will get support for a [...]
Why you don’t need to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save the “battery” iPhone
Many annoying iPhone always-on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth even when the smartphone owner doesn’t use these functions. Particularly acute issue arose after [...]
New lost old iPhone as a Wi-Fi connection
The new iPhone model inferior to the old in the ability to maintain Wi-Fi connection, depending on the degree of distance from the router, provides [...]
Apple finally turned the sale of routers AirPort
Apple finally turned the sale of routers line AirPort, includes a model AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule. It follows from the [...]
AirPort Express: grab a road Wi-Fi
In our days Wi-Fi almost everywhere. Zone free Wi-Fi transport, and community centers, they cover the whole city and even clusters of several cities. [...]