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Tim Cook has called the main reasons for the weak sales of the iPhone
The first fiscal quarter of 2019 was not too successful for Apple, assuming revenues from iPhone sales. And I think this is recognized by the head of the [...]
The program of preferential replacement of the batteries had a negative impact on iPhone sales?
In December 2017, Apple publicly admitted in an artificial slowdown iPhone with worn batteries. To regain the trust of consumers, almost immediately [...]
Apple told about the successes achieved in 2018
Annual financial report Apple before you Commission US securities, which the company filed January 8, contained not only data on wages Tim Cook and his [...]
What Tim Cook can be arrested in China and why he’s not afraid
Tim cook is not afraid that he would be arrested in China in retaliation for the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada at the request of US [...]
How Apple reacts to the failure
Failures, which industry analysts attribute to Apple, citing as examples the falling demand for the iPhone and almost a thirty percent decrease in [...]
Import duties or Assembly in the United States: what iPhone expensive most
Customs duties on imports from China of Apple equipment in the amount of 10-25%, about the possible introduction of which warned U.S. President Donald [...]
Tim cook spoke about Apple’s plans for the autopilot system
Autopilot function has been of interest to Apple as a stand-alone project in isolation from the subject cars. Such a statement Tim cook made in an [...]
Former Apple marketing Manager said, what’s missing from the new iPhone
Apple should pay much more attention to the indicators of autonomy of the iPhone even to the detriment of their design. This opinion was expressed by guy [...]
Tim cook on Google, augmented reality and user opinions
Despite the divergence of views on the value of user data, Tim cook thinks Google is the best search service of the present, which still has no [...]