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MacBook Air the 2018 Junior vs MacBook Pro: which to buy?
Now that Apple finally updated the MacBook Air, many trying to figure out whether they should buy a new model, or to choose a younger version of the [...]
Mac mini, Solo and Duo
February 28, 2006. Apple Special Event in Cupertino, Steve who is clearly unwell, and three and a half new products – one of which was in the list of worst [...]
How to test Mac performance
For anybody not a secret that Macs have always been famous for trouble-free operation and high reliability. But any technology has a tendency to break [...]
The First Intel Mac
In anticipation of the next adventure, the experts tried to guess – who will be first? The popular verdict, omitting details, was “anything but iMac”. To [...]
In lists did not appear (Mac mini Late 2005)
This model officially, it was not. One autumn day, without any presentation, the online Apple store on the spot of previous versions of the Mac mini, a [...]
iMac G5 (iSight) in the shadow of the iPod (G5)
In September-October 2005 c Apple was created unimaginable: the engineers are all allowed, and titled nobles (head and close) arranged one bunch after [...]
PowerMac G5 (Early 2005)
It was the same model as in June 2004, but consumers powerful Macs were not disappointed: her options are more powerful, shared standard optical drive was [...]
Overheated new Mac mini under heavy load?
Yesterday Apple announced the start of sales of the new Mac mini in Russia. At the moment at the official online store of the company are only available [...]
The specialists of iFixit has examined the new Mac Mini
As soon as a new Apple product arrives on the shelves, he almost immediately falls into the hands of specialists iFixit. Updated Mac Mini is no exception [...]
The Omega Project (PowerMac G5)
It was simultaneously the debut of the fifth generation PowerPC (PowerPC 970), PowerMac G5 and the new case is made of anodized aluminum alloy, with a [...]
Enthusiasts have replaced the RAM Mac mini, despite warnings Apple
In October, Apple introduced a new generation of compact Mac mini, and on November 7 they officially went on sale. Of course, the novelty was in the hands [...]
First impressions of the new Mac mini
Just a few hours ago around the world have started selling the new Mac Mini. As might be expected, Western resources could got new a little earlier than [...]