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Mac sales are falling along with the entire PC market
Apparently, Apple has problems not only with the smartphone market, but also in the segment of computers. As the research and consulting company Gartner, [...]
Apple invented the laptop… again!
While the phrase “MacBook from a single piece of aluminum” was considered good form to laugh. The folly is obvious! Senseless and ridiculous, Like a pot or [...]
Operation iMac: iBook becomes the MacBook
May 6, 2006, Apple announced the MacBook replaced the 12 inch PowerBook and 12 – inch and 14-inch iBook. Laptops with “square” display is gone, [...]
How to test Mac performance
For anybody not a secret that Macs have always been famous for trouble-free operation and high reliability. But any technology has a tendency to break [...]
Future Mac computers will be offered only in one configuration?
We heard about Apple’s plans to abandon the Intel processors in favor of its own chips in Macs. According to the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, [...]