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Mac sales are falling along with the entire PC market
Apparently, Apple has problems not only with the smartphone market, but also in the segment of computers. As the research and consulting company Gartner, [...]
Apple invented the laptop… again!
While the phrase “MacBook from a single piece of aluminum” was considered good form to laugh. The folly is obvious! Senseless and ridiculous, Like a pot or [...]
MacBook Air the 2018 Junior vs MacBook Pro: which to buy?
Now that Apple finally updated the MacBook Air, many trying to figure out whether they should buy a new model, or to choose a younger version of the [...]
April 2006: MacBook Pro 17” and “school of the young fighter”
Laptops with a screen diagonal of 43 cm is not of this world. Nor ease nor power of their desktop machines – and yet this concept is something there. If [...]
How to fully disable a webcam on a Mac
Nowadays more and more people are thinking about privacy and security of their personal data. For this reason, some Mac users stick with the FaceTime [...]
MacBook Pro: debut
Steve promised, Apple has fulfilled, customers received not what I ordered but everyone was happy and all ended well. MacBook Pro has become a reality, it [...]
How to test Mac performance
For anybody not a secret that Macs have always been famous for trouble-free operation and high reliability. But any technology has a tendency to break [...]
The second Intel Mac
Code name of the first model of MacBook Pro is unknown to me (it definitely was, but alas), but I know how I’d call. Leapfrog. The weakest of the [...]
How does the performance Vega graphics Radeon Pro to new MacBook Pro?
In late October, Apple announced a MacBook Pro with improved graphics accelerators Radeon Pro Vega. To Russia of new items not yet arrived, however, the [...]
What conclusions can be made after two years of use Touch Bar
In 2016 Apple has seriously updated the MacBook Pro, adding a new element – Touch Bar. As planned by the company, the touchpad was to simplify the [...]
Future Mac computers will be offered only in one configuration?
We heard about Apple’s plans to abandon the Intel processors in favor of its own chips in Macs. According to the authoritative analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, [...]
The new Mac has got a useful opportunity
30 October, Apple introduced to the public their new computers – MacBook Air and Mac Mini. If you believe the first reviews, news is pretty [...]
Apple has launched a replacement program drives MacBook Pro 2017
Solid state drives in some MacBook Pro without Touch Bar memory is 128 and 256 GB, can be subject to spontaneous deletion of files with the subsequent [...]
The new MacBook Air and Pro, new mechanism of protection against wiretapping
New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at the physical level, disable the built-in microphones at the time of lowering of the lid, says Business Insider, citing a [...]