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Apple invented a new usage for iPod Touch
Rumors about the probable release of an iPod Touch, the seventh generation, which appeared this year was no proper enthusiasm among consumers. Even the [...]
Mobile phone with access to iTunes (Motorola ROKR)
Apple Music Event held in San Francisco September 7, 2005, thought-provoking: what was it? The phone was from Motorola, which I sold Cingular, Apple added [...]
iMac G5 (iSight) in the shadow of the iPod (G5)
In September-October 2005 c Apple was created unimaginable: the engineers are all allowed, and titled nobles (head and close) arranged one bunch after [...]
The concept: what might look like a modern iPod
Bold new concepts appear almost every day, but most of them does not pose almost any interest. Recreated by designers of products often do not correspond [...]