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iPhone breaks free…
January 11, 2011, on a half-hour press conference, Verizon Wireless announced the start of sales of the Verizon iPhone next month. Agreement of Verizon and [...]
Opinion: the best iPhone that you can buy in 2019
The question of the validity of the purchase of a particular model of iPhone is, perhaps, a popular after question about what is still better: iOS or [...]
Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone X
In November 2016, Apple started to sell their own iPhone that have undergone a factory restore. This means that the company has taken the already former in [...]
Apple said why do not consider themselves to blame for the slowdown iPhone
Apple is not required to disclose to consumers all the software features of their devices, and to disclose the capacity of their batteries and other [...]
Tim Cook has called the main reasons for the weak sales of the iPhone
The first fiscal quarter of 2019 was not too successful for Apple, assuming revenues from iPhone sales. And I think this is recognized by the head of the [...]
What actually will cause drop of sales of the iPhone
Many believe that the decline of Apple revenue from iPhone sales will eventually lead to the rejection of the development of smartphones and subsequent [...]
The program of preferential replacement of the batteries had a negative impact on iPhone sales?
In December 2017, Apple publicly admitted in an artificial slowdown iPhone with worn batteries. To regain the trust of consumers, almost immediately [...]
When iPhone price will be lower
You’ve probably already heard that the iPhone fell slightly in China. As corny as it may sound, this fact suggests that such reduction will happen [...]
As the weak demand for the iPhone has affected Apple’s main suppliers
That the new iPhone model sold not as good as I would like this Apple know, perhaps, everything. In early January, the company lowered the revenue forecast [...]
The new iPhone will get a superfast Wi-Fi module and improved Face ID
Analysts at Barclays revealed a new feature of the future flagship Apple. According to their forecasts, the range iPhone (2019) will get support for a [...]
Know where Apple will move the iPhone production in 2019
Corporation Foxconn, a major Assembly partner of Apple in 2019 will transfer production of some models of iPhone in India. Reuters learned from a source [...]
iPhone 2019, will retain the notch in the display
In 2017 came X iPhone is the first Apple smartphone with a distinctive notch in the display. This element of design is liked not all, and many waited for [...]
The leopard moved to iPhone
About how to create the iPhone and its operating system, starting from the day when Steve chose the option “reduced Mac”, is almost unknown. Secrecy, [...]
Than remember iPhone in 2018
This year, Apple introduced three members of the family iPhone, each of which caused serious excitement among the owners of smartphones. Until the end of [...]
What was for Apple expiring 2018
2018 is coming to its logical conclusion, this means that it is time to bring intermediate results. In this article we tried to consider most of the [...]
Apple will cut iPhone production
Analysts at Rosenblatt suggest that Apple cut production orders for iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR in the first quarter of next year. All because of [...]
Qualcomm insists on the ban of iPhone sales in the US
The us international trade Commission will consider the demand Qualcomm to restrict iPhone sales in the U.S. because of a violation of a number of patents [...]
Named the condition under which Apple will push the iPhone Assembly from China
Apple agrees to iPhone move production outside of China only in the case if import duties on equipment, introduced Donald trump, reached 25%. It is [...]
Comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro
In September of this year, Huawei unveiled to the public its brand processor HiSilicon Kirin 980. This chip is built on a 7-nanometer process and was [...]
Consumers are told what is expected of 2019 iPhone
In 2019, Apple would need to renegotiate the price of the iPhone, say the survey participants, organized by 9To5Mac. It will be the best new innovation [...]
Apple named most popular model of iPhone
iPhone XR is the best selling smartphone of Apple since the start of its sales, said Greg Joswiak, head of marketing Department of the Corporation in a [...]
Import duties or Assembly in the United States: what iPhone expensive most
Customs duties on imports from China of Apple equipment in the amount of 10-25%, about the possible introduction of which warned U.S. President Donald [...]
How much it will cost hacking any iPhone?
The company DriveSavers has announced the launch of a new service for all owners of Apple smartphones. For only 3900 dollars experts will hack any iPhone [...]
Fortnite developers said that the main advantage of the new iPhone over Android flagships
Fortnite fans that own an iPhone XR, XS or XS Max, have one very important privilege to the owners of smartphones running Android. About it writes the [...]
What is going on? Again Apple reduces production of iPhone XS
Weak demand for the flagship model of the iPhone has meant that Apple was forced again to reduce the volume of their production, for the second time since [...]