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How to change the price of the new iPhone
In the autumn of this year Apple needs to show the world their new smartphone models. In addition to the new features and improvements, many people are [...]
iPhone 2019 — with a battery of 4000 mAh and a 15-watt memory out of the box?
iPhone Max XI, whose alleged prototype you might see on the pages can be battery increased compared to the precursor container. WCCFTech [...]
Apple has released Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max wireless charging
In the night from 15 to 16 January, Apple added in the range of the official online store brand case with built-in battery called the Smart Battery Case [...]
iPhone XR popular among Android users?
Research firm CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) have published new statistics on the sales of Apple’s smartphone in November 2018. It [...]
How many iPhone were sold in Russia in 2018
Despite the significant growth of prices on iPhone in 2018, the Russian buyers it is not stopped, Apple has managed not only to increase sales volume, but [...]
Than remember iPhone in 2018
This year, Apple introduced three members of the family iPhone, each of which caused serious excitement among the owners of smartphones. Until the end of [...]
Apple named most popular model of iPhone
iPhone XR is the best selling smartphone of Apple since the start of its sales, said Greg Joswiak, head of marketing Department of the Corporation in a [...]
Fortnite developers said that the main advantage of the new iPhone over Android flagships
Fortnite fans that own an iPhone XR, XS or XS Max, have one very important privilege to the owners of smartphones running Android. About it writes the [...]
What is going on? Again Apple reduces production of iPhone XS
Weak demand for the flagship model of the iPhone has meant that Apple was forced again to reduce the volume of their production, for the second time since [...]
New lost old iPhone as a Wi-Fi connection
The new iPhone model inferior to the old in the ability to maintain Wi-Fi connection, depending on the degree of distance from the router, provides [...]
Apple has cut production of the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR
Apple has reduced production orders for its latest smartphones – the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR. As reports edition of the Wall Street [...]
Apple has shown what can the iPhone camera XR
Despite the fact that the iPhone XR is equipped with a single camera, on quality of shooting it is practically not inferior to the flagship models. The [...]
The analyst revealed the reason for the low iPhone sales XR
iPhone sales XR was lower than expected due to high expectations and overly high prices. This opinion was expressed by TF International Securities analyst [...]
iOS 12.1.1 will expand the possibilities of Haptic Touch iPhone XR
Smartphone iPhone XR which went on sale on October 26, as is known, possesses a 3D Touch. Instead of “affordable” flagship Apple has received [...]
Apple released an updated iOS 12.1 XR for iPhone
All of a sudden Apple today rolled out an updated build of iOS 12.1. Unlike watchOS 5.1.1, which was released to replace the recalled watch OS 5.1 and is [...]
OnePlus 6T XR vs iPhone: Who’s faster?
The day before the presentation of Apple, on October 29, the company OnePlus had held a press conference where he revealed to the the public its new [...]