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Ex-marketer Apple commented on the problem of bending the iPad Pro
It seems that the problem of excessive flexibility of the buildings of the new iPad Pro to the bending may be more common than originally anticipated. This [...]
What mistake was made by Apple when designing the iPad Pro 2018
Despite the efforts to improve the Apple brand line of tablet PCs on all fronts, the company made a big mistake by moving the Smart Connector on the rear [...]
Apple Pencil Apple Pencil 2. What has changed?
At the October presentation of Apple, along with a new line of the iPad Pro, the company revealed to the public an updated generation Apple Pencil 2. The [...]
The new iPad Pro come curved from the factory
The new iPad Pro is so thin that it will bend not only in the hands of bloggers, collecting a huge number of views on YouTube, but in the process of [...]
Face ID on the iPad Pro runs better than on iPhone?
Innovative face detection technology Face ID debuted in the iPhone X, and even at the time of its release worked quite well. But according to 9to5Mac, [...]
The new iPad Pro tested
The constant decrease in the thickness of the iPad Pro together with a considerable area has a negative impact on the overall strength of his body. This [...]
The new iPad Pro can be mounted using built-in magnets
Not so long ago started the official sales of the iPad Pro (2018). The first buyers have already managed to try out the new product in various usage [...]
Comparison: How the iPad Pro (2018) faster iPad Pro (2017)?
The updated range iPad Pro (2018) came out to be extremely successful. This contributed to the higher productivity achieved at the expense of Apple A12X, [...]
Craftsmen iFixit got to the iPad Pro (2018)
Not so long ago we published the analysis of iFixit presents the latest Apple products – MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Finally is the turn to the updated [...]
Why the iPad Pro (2018) won’t be replacing the MacBook
In the October presentation, Apple shows the new iPad Pro, which has received many innovations. According to the statements of General Director of the [...]
Phil Schiller revealed the peculiarities of the new processor Apple A12X
The new processor Apple A12X, which debuted in the iPad Pro (2018), is the fastest and most energy-efficient mobile chip in the world at the moment – [...]
Three facts about Apple Pencil 2, you need to know before buying
Smart feather Apple Pencil of the second generation, which Apple presented during the event on 30 October, has a few differences from the original [...]
That can be connected to iPad Pro with USB-C?
The updated range iPad Pro interesting not only for its design, performance and functions, but also by the fact that the company first decided to abandon [...]
Apple has postponed the start of sales of the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro in Russia
Today, 7 November, Apple launched retail sales of the new MacBook Air and Mac Mini, the release of which took place at the presentation on October 30. [...]
Cases for iPad Pro prevent charging Apple Pencil
Along with the new iPad Pro during the second autumn of the presentation was presented the second generation Apple Pencil. The new version of the stylus [...]
How appreciated the new iPad Pro is the leading Western publications?
30 October, Apple introduced the new range of iPad Pro. Tablet computers received a completely new design, facial recognition Face ID, as well as the usual [...]