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How much it will cost hacking any iPhone?
The company DriveSavers has announced the launch of a new service for all owners of Apple smartphones. For only 3900 dollars experts will hack any iPhone [...]
Apple has banned the installation of 12.0.1 iOS
Last night it became known that Apple withdrew the signature iOS 12.0.1. This means that the owners of all compatible devices, at all desire will not be [...]
What to expect from iOS 13?
The release of the mobile operating system iOS 13, is slated for September of next year, but it does not prevent insiders to make their predictions as to [...]
Apple figured out how to do Animoji even cooler
In 2017, Apple figured out how to make communication in iMessage more interesting. She has presented animaze — animated masks, which replicate the facial [...]
Users of older versions of iOS and macOS is under threat
Another serious vulnerability was found by specialists of the Chinese company Tencent Xuanwu Security Lab. The experts found an error in Safari. According [...]
iPhone received the support of the team “OK, Google”
iPhone owners running iOS 12 and newer versions of mobile OS from Apple will now be able to call Assistant Google with the phrase “OK, Google”. [...]
Caution: more than half of the free VPN from the App Store unsafe
Work more than half a free VPN from App Store, not to mention Google Play by the developers, which can be affiliated with the Chinese authorities, reports [...]
The concept: What could be the Photos
In the twelfth version of the mobile operating system Apple debuted the updated Photos app. The developers have added intelligent hints and a tab [...]
Apple released the third beta version of iOS 12.1.1 and macOS 10.14.2
Today, 15 November, Apple released the third beta version of iOS 12.1.1, 12.1.1 and macOS tvOS 10.14.2, and the second beta watchOS 5.1.2 to developers, [...]
The child found a simple way around the limitations of iOS
The function of “Screen time”, designed to help users cope with their dependence on the iPhone can hardly be used as an effective parental [...]
Users massively complain about account lockout Apple ID
Apple has begun to block user accounts Apple ID around the world. It is reported by 9To5Mac, citing multiple complaints from owners of branded devices [...]
As of iOS 12.1 influenced the work of the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max
With the release of iOS number 12.1, eliminating the so-called butirat, pictures with the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max started to get more [...]
iOS 12.1.1 will expand the possibilities of Haptic Touch iPhone XR
Smartphone iPhone XR which went on sale on October 26, as is known, possesses a 3D Touch. Instead of “affordable” flagship Apple has received [...]
Former Apple engineer: AutoCorrect in iPhone better than you thought
Perfect fix on regular keyboard to your iPhone is much more clever than we used to think the majority of users. About Ken Kocienda, a former Apple engineer [...]
Released the second beta of iOS 12.1.1, 12.1.1 tvOS, macOS 10.14.2 first beta watchOS 5.1.2
In the night of 7 to 8 November, Apple released the second beta version of iOS 12.1.1, macOS 10.14.2, tvOS 12.1.1 and the first beta watchOS 5.1.2. All [...]
Hackers bypassed protection iOS 12.1
Quite often we hear bold statements about reliability and security of iOS. However, as practice shows, no version of the mobile operating system Apple has [...]
Updated Apple Maps has begun to surpass Google maps
Attempts to rethink the Apple branded cards in iOS 12, have finally begun to bear fruit. This was confirmed by the researcher in the field of cartography [...]
Apple released an updated iOS 12.1 XR for iPhone
All of a sudden Apple today rolled out an updated build of iOS 12.1. Unlike watchOS 5.1.1, which was released to replace the recalled watch OS 5.1 and is [...]