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The maker of chips for the iPhone could become the head of Intel
We love the iPhone? Everyone probably your answer to this question. But no one would argue that the smartphone from Apple – the result of the [...]
Mac Pro 2006: “Apple” Apocalypse
In 2006 WWDC (worldwide Developers Conference Apple) took place, breaking all traditions and rules, not in June and in August. The third “great transition” [...]
The last Behemoth (eMac) and its Successor
Problem: Behemoth (eMac), besides the last, went unnoticed and uncovered. Only when it’s time to “educational” iMac Core Duo, this gap was [...]
Mac mini, Solo and Duo
February 28, 2006. Apple Special Event in Cupertino, Steve who is clearly unwell, and three and a half new products – one of which was in the list of worst [...]
The second Intel Mac
Code name of the first model of MacBook Pro is unknown to me (it definitely was, but alas), but I know how I’d call. Leapfrog. The weakest of the [...]
The First Intel Mac
In anticipation of the next adventure, the experts tried to guess – who will be first? The popular verdict, omitting details, was “anything but iMac”. To [...]
Apple announces the transition to Intel
Steve was convincing, as always. However, he never lied. Something about silence, it was much more difficult than it seemed, but since his speech a deadly [...]
Overheated new Mac mini under heavy load?
Yesterday Apple announced the start of sales of the new Mac mini in Russia. At the moment at the official online store of the company are only available [...]
Intel introduced the 5G modem designed for iPhone 2020
In early November it became known that Apple will introduce the iPhone with support for 5G-Internet only in 2020. As at the moment the company does not [...]