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Camera the new iPhone will cease to bulge?
In 2014 came the first Apple smartphone with a protruding camera of iPhone 6. This design has repeatedly been criticized by users. The ledge is not allowed [...]
How to fully disable a webcam on a Mac
Nowadays more and more people are thinking about privacy and security of their personal data. For this reason, some Mac users stick with the FaceTime [...]
How to set bokeh effect on photos taken with the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and X
Manual adjustment of the bokeh effect on portrait images, previously available only to the owners of the new iPhone XR, XS, Max and XS iPad Pro 2018 has [...]
Apple has shown what can the iPhone camera XR
Despite the fact that the iPhone XR is equipped with a single camera, on quality of shooting it is practically not inferior to the flagship models. The [...]
As of iOS 12.1 influenced the work of the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max
With the release of iOS number 12.1, eliminating the so-called butirat, pictures with the front camera of the iPhone XS and XS Max started to get more [...]