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iPhone breaks free…
January 11, 2011, on a half-hour press conference, Verizon Wireless announced the start of sales of the Verizon iPhone next month. Agreement of Verizon and [...]
Adobe Premiere Pro breaks down the dynamics of some MacBook Pro
The bug is contained in Adobe Premiere Pro, may have a negative impact on the speakers of the MacBook Pro, causing them to reproduce distorted and [...]
Unibody Mac mini, June 2010
The first Tuesday after the end of the WWDC’10, without any show – but not secretive, Apple has updated the Mac mini line. New design, HDMI port, raised [...]
How to change the headphones, cables and power supplies to Apple for warranty
The low reliability of the complete accessories, which complain about some Apple device owners, may be offset by terms of warranty. According to them, [...]
As Apple to protect their secret projects from disclosure
Despite the popular belief that Apple is itself the initiator of most leaks about its future products, it is far from the truth. This confirms the [...]
Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone X
In November 2016, Apple started to sell their own iPhone that have undergone a factory restore. This means that the company has taken the already former in [...]
iOS 12.2 disables one of the features Safari. How to enable
Apple intends to restrict access Safariк the accelerometer and gyroscope of iPhone and iPad with the release of the final version of iOS12.2, which is now [...]
As Apple stopped work on Facebook all day and deprived her of part of the employees
The revocation of Apple’s Enterprise Program which allows you to create enterprise applications for iOS, Facebook caused a huge damage even though it [...]
A complete guide to the original SSD drives Apple
Remember the good old days when you for a couple of minutes, changed battery, added memory and put the external hard drive? If you’re an Apple user [...]
Google, like Facebook, was paying iOS users for collecting their data
After Facebook, which collected user data by means of the forbidden tools in similar activities caught by Google. About it reports TechCrunch. The search [...]
Apple said why do not consider themselves to blame for the slowdown iPhone
Apple is not required to disclose to consumers all the software features of their devices, and to disclose the capacity of their batteries and other [...]
Facebook finally lost the confidence of Apple
After the fact data collection user research Facebook app for iOS, even for money, was betrayed to wide publicity, Apple has decided to refuse further [...]
As simple damage MacBook Pro can lead to costly repairs
The high price has always been an inherent part of the Mac. But if earlier the cost was offset by the quality and reliability, it now seems, is all in the [...]
Apple invented a new usage for iPod Touch
Rumors about the probable release of an iPod Touch, the seventh generation, which appeared this year was no proper enthusiasm among consumers. Even the [...]
Apple to the last requested Qualcomm to provide new iPhone modems
Despite the bravura willingness of Apple to equip the new iPhone with modems from Intel, according to the last hoped that the flagship smartphones in 2018 [...]
When iPhone price will be lower
You’ve probably already heard that the iPhone fell slightly in China. As corny as it may sound, this fact suggests that such reduction will happen [...]
As the weak demand for the iPhone has affected Apple’s main suppliers
That the new iPhone model sold not as good as I would like this Apple know, perhaps, everything. In early January, the company lowered the revenue forecast [...]
Opinion: Why the Mac computers must be upgraded to the AMD
Already for anybody not a secret that in the foreseeable future, intends to transfer the Apple Mac computers to ARM processors. This decision as there are [...]
Mac sales are falling along with the entire PC market
Apparently, Apple has problems not only with the smartphone market, but also in the segment of computers. As the research and consulting company Gartner, [...]
Apple told about the successes achieved in 2018
Annual financial report Apple before you Commission US securities, which the company filed January 8, contained not only data on wages Tim Cook and his [...]
John Scully told, what should be the new project Apple
Own video service Apple, which is tipped for first half of 2019, may not be the highest priority the development of the company. This statement was made by [...]
Apple invented the laptop… again!
While the phrase “MacBook from a single piece of aluminum” was considered good form to laugh. The folly is obvious! Senseless and ridiculous, Like a pot or [...]
Ex-marketer Apple commented on the problem of bending the iPad Pro
It seems that the problem of excessive flexibility of the buildings of the new iPad Pro to the bending may be more common than originally anticipated. This [...]
MacBook Air the 2018 Junior vs MacBook Pro: which to buy?
Now that Apple finally updated the MacBook Air, many trying to figure out whether they should buy a new model, or to choose a younger version of the [...]
How to disable Split View and Slide Over on the iPad
Split View, which provides iPad owners the ability to simultaneously run two apps, at iOS 12 has undergone major changes. Due to the introduction of the [...]