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Google, like Facebook, was paying iOS users for collecting their data
After Facebook, which collected user data by means of the forbidden tools in similar activities caught by Google. About it reports TechCrunch. The search [...]
Facebook finally lost the confidence of Apple
After the fact data collection user research Facebook app for iOS, even for money, was betrayed to wide publicity, Apple has decided to refuse further [...]
What was for Apple expiring 2018
2018 is coming to its logical conclusion, this means that it is time to bring intermediate results. In this article we tried to consider most of the [...]
Some apps from the App Store collect about you data every 2 seconds
Some apps from the App Store can you spy on users, recording their movements every two seconds, in order to subsequently sell these data to several dozens [...]
A cult series of games Infinity Blade permanently removed from the App Store
Studio Epic Games, Creator of some iconic games for mobile platforms, made the decision about the removal of a trilogy Infinity Blade from the App Store. [...]
The U.S. Supreme court may allow the emergence of analogues of App Store
The U.S. Supreme court considering a claim Apple is guilty in the organization of a monopoly in the market for iOS, was skeptical about the arguments of [...]
Apple accused of inflating prices in the App Store. The company denies
Apple finds it impossible to lower prices on apps for iOS, because such matters are solely administered by the developers themselves, as she deals with [...]
Caution: more than half of the free VPN from the App Store unsafe
Work more than half a free VPN from App Store, not to mention Google Play by the developers, which can be affiliated with the Chinese authorities, reports [...]