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Why Apple needs to equip the new iPhone with a USB Type-C
In 2012 was presented the first iPhone with Lightning connector. This connector has stood the test of time – it was convenient to use (can be [...]
iPhone XR popular among Android users?
Research firm CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) have published new statistics on the sales of Apple’s smartphone in November 2018. It [...]
Fortnite developers said that the main advantage of the new iPhone over Android flagships
Fortnite fans that own an iPhone XR, XS or XS Max, have one very important privilege to the owners of smartphones running Android. About it writes the [...]
Zuckerberg prohibited employees from Facebook to use your iPhone
CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg ordered that all the management of the company abandoned the iPhone in favor of smartphones running Android for work. It is [...]
OnePlus 6T XR vs iPhone: Who’s faster?
The day before the presentation of Apple, on October 29, the company OnePlus had held a press conference where he revealed to the the public its new [...]