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John Scully told, what should be the new project Apple
Own video service Apple, which is tipped for first half of 2019, may not be the highest priority the development of the company. This statement was made by [...]
Analyst: Prices of Apple products will continue to grow
Apple products have never been cheap and available, and before it was justified by high quality, reliability and ease of use. However, those times are in [...]
Apple lost to Microsoft the title of most expensive companies in the world
Microsoft overtook Apple and became the most valuable company in the world, the American Nasdaq stock exchange. This happened on the background of falling [...]
Consumers are less interested in the new iPhone
Presented in September iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max XR was totally uninteresting to consumers. This conclusion was made by analysts of the edition [...]
The analyst revealed the reason for the low iPhone sales XR
iPhone sales XR was lower than expected due to high expectations and overly high prices. This opinion was expressed by TF International Securities analyst [...]