Apps for macOS

WinX MediaTrans — how to move photos from iPhone to computer without iTunes
When the buyer gets a choice between iPhone, iPad and tablets and smartphones on the Android operating system, and often he chooses the latter, because [...]
Automator: How to hide files from the desktop Mac
Many users do not realize what a vast possibilities provides such a powerful tool like Automator. At first glance, the program is quite complex to learn, [...]
Automator: How to quickly delete folders and files in macOS
Even experienced users sometimes do not always know about all the possibilities of Automator. At first it may seem that the program is quite complicated to [...]
How to improve the readability of fonts macOS
In the framework of the conference WWDC 2018 Apple announced a new version of macOS Mojave. The operating system received a lot of useful and not very new [...]
VideoProc — video with the iPhone was so easy
For some years the set of required applications for work have changed markedly, but without a strong program for working with videos is not enough. If you [...]
Updated Apple Maps has begun to surpass Google maps
Attempts to rethink the Apple branded cards in iOS 12, have finally begun to bear fruit. This was confirmed by the researcher in the field of cartography [...]