Apple released the second beta version of iOS 12.2 and 5.2 watchOS
Despite this, users promise to release an update with the security patch applied this week, it seems that Apple’s in no hurry to implement it, [...]
It became known, when will the application for ECG on the Apple Watch 4
Apple will officially release the app for the reading of ECG with the help of the Apple Watch Series 4 as part of the update watchOS No. 5.1.2, which is [...]
The Apple Watch protect users from aging and skin cancer
It is believed that Apple watch is an excellent device to maintain a healthy body condition. Besides the fact that they provide information about [...]
Apple has released an updated dock for the Apple Watch
Simultaneously with the MacBook Pro with Radeon graphics Vega, Apple has started official sales of the updated dock for the Apple Watch. It follows from [...]
How popular the Apple Watch?
For anybody not a secret that the release of the original Apple Watch in 2015, has influenced not only the market of wearable electronics, but also on the [...]