The maker of chips for the iPhone could become the head of Intel
We love the iPhone? Everyone probably your answer to this question. But no one would argue that the smartphone from Apple – the result of the [...]
Why Apple needs to equip the new iPhone with a USB Type-C
In 2012 was presented the first iPhone with Lightning connector. This connector has stood the test of time – it was convenient to use (can be [...]
iPhone 2019 — with a battery of 4000 mAh and a 15-watt memory out of the box?
iPhone Max XI, whose alleged prototype you might see on the pages can be battery increased compared to the precursor container. WCCFTech [...]
What actually will cause drop of sales of the iPhone
Many believe that the decline of Apple revenue from iPhone sales will eventually lead to the rejection of the development of smartphones and subsequent [...]
Another iPhone prototype 11 showed on the rendering. Do you like it?
Alleged iPhone XI with camera with staggered lenses, the image of which we happened to witness some time ago, may never come to light. This was stated by [...]
Apple has released Smart Battery Case for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max wireless charging
In the night from 15 to 16 January, Apple added in the range of the official online store brand case with built-in battery called the Smart Battery Case [...]
The program of preferential replacement of the batteries had a negative impact on iPhone sales?
In December 2017, Apple publicly admitted in an artificial slowdown iPhone with worn batteries. To regain the trust of consumers, almost immediately [...]
Why we don’t need a folding iPhone
Foldable smartphones, the development of which leads not only to poor or lazy, today, seems almost the only correct direction of development of the market [...]
Apple to the last requested Qualcomm to provide new iPhone modems
Despite the bravura willingness of Apple to equip the new iPhone with modems from Intel, according to the last hoped that the flagship smartphones in 2018 [...]
Apple will unveil a new iPod Touch?
Apple may work on creating updated versions of the iPod Touch, which can provide the lowest threshold of entry into the ecosystem of the company. It is [...]
When iPhone price will be lower
You’ve probably already heard that the iPhone fell slightly in China. As corny as it may sound, this fact suggests that such reduction will happen [...]
As the weak demand for the iPhone has affected Apple’s main suppliers
That the new iPhone model sold not as good as I would like this Apple know, perhaps, everything. In early January, the company lowered the revenue forecast [...]
The new iPhone will get a superfast Wi-Fi module and improved Face ID
Analysts at Barclays revealed a new feature of the future flagship Apple. According to their forecasts, the range iPhone (2019) will get support for a [...]
The real reason for the decline in demand for iPhone
The drop in sales of iPhone in China and the subsequent decline in revenue Apple may be related to the informal boycott of local consumers. This position [...]
Why the new iPhone will not three cameras
Before the presentation of the new iPhone for about 9 months, and the Wall Street Journal suggests that the flagship model range Apple in 2019 will be [...]
Analyst told what to expect from the new iPhone
This year Apple needs to surprise consumers, says the analyst of the Research Atherton, Jean Baptiste. The company should be rehabilitated in the eyes of [...]
Know where Apple will move the iPhone production in 2019
Corporation Foxconn, a major Assembly partner of Apple in 2019 will transfer production of some models of iPhone in India. Reuters learned from a source [...]
iPhone XR popular among Android users?
Research firm CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) have published new statistics on the sales of Apple’s smartphone in November 2018. It [...]
iPhone OS 2.1, not beta…
In September 2008, the traditional “music event”, was submitted to iPhone OS 2.1, the new generation of several models of iPod (including iPod touch was), [...]
How many iPhone were sold in Russia in 2018
Despite the significant growth of prices on iPhone in 2018, the Russian buyers it is not stopped, Apple has managed not only to increase sales volume, but [...]
Next step: iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 2.0, and much more…
This was the most memorable and eventful WWDC opening in their history. Although not all of the promised that day came true and price reduction on the [...]
iPhone 2019, will retain the notch in the display
In 2017 came X iPhone is the first Apple smartphone with a distinctive notch in the display. This element of design is liked not all, and many waited for [...]
The Chinese began to be fined for buying iPhone
Consumer preferences – a thing not constant. No time to blink, they will choose a new favorite, still writing as outsiders. This applies even to [...]
Five major disappointments from Apple in 2018
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As forever to prohibit the update of iOS
The reluctance of some users to update their iPhone and iPad obviously. Despite the efforts that Apple applies to testing of updates, some of them contain [...]