When Apple will introduce new iPad, AirPods 2 and AirPower?
Spring the presentation of Apple, which promises to be very rich in hardware, can pass in one day from 11 to 20 March. This is with reference to informed [...]
How to change the headphones, cables and power supplies to Apple for warranty
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iPad owners are faced with an unexpected problem
In mid-December to download became available iOS 12.1.2. This update didn’t contain any major improvements or corrections, and was primarily aimed at [...]
Ex-marketer Apple commented on the problem of bending the iPad Pro
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iPhone OS 2.1, not beta…
In September 2008, the traditional “music event”, was submitted to iPhone OS 2.1, the new generation of several models of iPod (including iPod touch was), [...]
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Apple agreed to replace bent iPad Pro, but not all
Apple’s reluctance to admit guilt for the defects of the case iPad Pro 2018, despite statements of the management company, applies not to all cases. [...]
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The new iPad Pro come curved from the factory
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The new iPad Pro tested
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The new iPad Pro can be mounted using built-in magnets
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