Apps for iOS

Apple started the fight with pirated apps on iOS
One of the main reasons why developers and publishers choose iOS as the primary platform – the absence of piracy. Almost all available apps are [...]
Google, like Facebook, was paying iOS users for collecting their data
After Facebook, which collected user data by means of the forbidden tools in similar activities caught by Google. About it reports TechCrunch. The search [...]
The most popular video player for iOS will receive support AirPlay for Android…
App VLC, popular among owners of iOS-devices player, will soon get support for AirPlay for Android. Thus, an Android device running VLC to stream audio and [...]
iPhone for enterprise iPhone SDK and App Store
Love kills: the iPhone was too expensive for Apple, and decided to protect from the dangers of the cruel world. Have achieved the opposite. Break-ins, [...]
A cult series of games Infinity Blade permanently removed from the App Store
Studio Epic Games, Creator of some iconic games for mobile platforms, made the decision about the removal of a trilogy Infinity Blade from the App Store. [...]
In Instagram introduced support for voice messages
In the mobile app Instagram introduced support for voice messages. The representatives of the service embed photo and video wrote on the official Twitter [...]
The U.S. Supreme court may allow the emergence of analogues of App Store
The U.S. Supreme court considering a claim Apple is guilty in the organization of a monopoly in the market for iOS, was skeptical about the arguments of [...]
Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci have turned to Apple for help
Apple will develop applications for the Corporation Kering, which owns brands Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and others. About it reports [...]
Apple accused of inflating prices in the App Store. The company denies
Apple finds it impossible to lower prices on apps for iOS, because such matters are solely administered by the developers themselves, as she deals with [...]
iPhone received the support of the team “OK, Google”
iPhone owners running iOS 12 and newer versions of mobile OS from Apple will now be able to call Assistant Google with the phrase “OK, Google”. [...]
Caution: more than half of the free VPN from the App Store unsafe
Work more than half a free VPN from App Store, not to mention Google Play by the developers, which can be affiliated with the Chinese authorities, reports [...]
The function “Find my iPhone” helped the perpetrator to conceal evidence
In the winter of 2015 in the California town of San Bernardino there was a mass murder in total claimed the lives of 16 people. Someone named Syed Rizwan [...]
Why you should not use third-party clients Telegram
Alternative clients Telegram can be dangerous, compromising correspondence of its users, according to the authors channel “Telegram Techie”. [...]