Xserve: before he put out the light…
At the beginning of April 2009 was published the new Xserve, on the Nehalem processors. This rack Mac was good as ever, while retaining all the best [...]
iMac (Early 2009): the recession has affected Apple…
The economic crisis of 2008-2009 has also affected Apple. The new model iMac took on the virtual shelves of the Apple online store on March 3, 2009, at [...]
The leopard moved to iPhone
About how to create the iPhone and its operating system, starting from the day when Steve chose the option “reduced Mac”, is almost unknown. Secrecy, [...]
the iMac becomes more powerful…
iMac Intel Core 2 Duo Penryn was announced on Monday, 28 April 2008. Omen, like expected, once again confirmed the wisdom of the ancients: a new model [...]
iMac aluminum not without extreme…
Presentation of the new design of the iMac and its new model, Steve opened the Mac Special Event. And he spent an hour talking about new software (iLife [...]
Boring episode of the epic time WWDC’07
The moment was historic as the event itself. One-man show, as always, was on top. Expectations and hopes were not fulfilled, the stock Apple “fell down” – [...]
The first new era iPhone Mac (MacBook)
Announcing Apple TV and iPhone, Steve removed the word “Computer” from the company name. Now it was called the Apple. Simple and tasteful. But computers [...]
April 2006: MacBook Pro 17” and “school of the young fighter”
Laptops with a screen diagonal of 43 cm is not of this world. Nor ease nor power of their desktop machines – and yet this concept is something there. If [...]
Mac Pro 2006: “Apple” Apocalypse
In 2006 WWDC (worldwide Developers Conference Apple) took place, breaking all traditions and rules, not in June and in August. The third “great transition” [...]
Looked like the first Apple is
Apple is known throughout the world not only revolutionary products ahead of its time, but also non-standard advertising campaigns. Since its inception, [...]
The last Behemoth (eMac) and its Successor
Problem: Behemoth (eMac), besides the last, went unnoticed and uncovered. Only when it’s time to “educational” iMac Core Duo, this gap was [...]
Operation iMac: iBook becomes the MacBook
May 6, 2006, Apple announced the MacBook replaced the 12 inch PowerBook and 12 – inch and 14-inch iBook. Laptops with “square” display is gone, [...]
Mac mini, Solo and Duo
February 28, 2006. Apple Special Event in Cupertino, Steve who is clearly unwell, and three and a half new products – one of which was in the list of worst [...]
MacBook Pro: debut
Steve promised, Apple has fulfilled, customers received not what I ordered but everyone was happy and all ended well. MacBook Pro has become a reality, it [...]
Apple announces the transition to Intel
Steve was convincing, as always. However, he never lied. Something about silence, it was much more difficult than it seemed, but since his speech a deadly [...]
In lists did not appear (Mac mini Late 2005)
This model officially, it was not. One autumn day, without any presentation, the online Apple store on the spot of previous versions of the Mac mini, a [...]
Mobile phone with access to iTunes (Motorola ROKR)
Apple Music Event held in San Francisco September 7, 2005, thought-provoking: what was it? The phone was from Motorola, which I sold Cingular, Apple added [...]
iMac G5 “ALS”, with auto light sensor
The penultimate iMac PowerPC fifth generation: the main thing in it – ALS, light sensor. Computers and Pets, if you do not know, live is hidden from us his [...]
PowerMac G5 “Quad and Dual” messengers of the Apocalypse…
The end of the world on a local scale was officially declared. The countdown is enabled, and during the full life of new products has been deliberately [...]
The Last PowerBook
The company made the risky maneuver in its history, all hung in the balance, and the end PowerBook was crumpled by the force majeure. October 19, 2005 in [...]
PowerMac G5 (Early 2005)
It was the same model as in June 2004, but consumers powerful Macs were not disappointed: her options are more powerful, shared standard optical drive was [...]
Xserve G5: the “Pupae butterflies”
2004 for Apple and the world was the year of the iPod, but in the beginning of the year about it no one knew. In that year Apple had another breakthrough [...]
SMS for PowerBook G4 (Early 2005)
Last day of January 2005. Learn about upgrading the entire line PowerBook, the people are not seriously worried: is this it, what you’ve all been [...]
The last two models of the iBook G4…
Dreams of a PowerBook and iBook G5 is reaching manic-depressive phases, in June 2005 turned to dust. Bravely (adventurous?) breaking with the past, Apple [...]
AirPort Express: grab a road Wi-Fi
In our days Wi-Fi almost everywhere. Zone free Wi-Fi transport, and community centers, they cover the whole city and even clusters of several cities. [...]