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WindowSwitcher 1.1.2

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WindowSwitcher 1.1.2

WindowSwitcher allows you to quickly find and switch between open application windows (all windows, only active windows, active application windows) and control the position of windows on the screen, for example, right from the list of windows, place the Safari window on the left and the Pages window on the right, so it is convenient to search and annotate the information on the Internet.

Switching between windows on macOS is not very convenient, you can use Cmd+Tab to switch to the desired application and then cmd+tilda to switch to the desired window of the selected application. You can also use the Expose function, but this is not convenient if you want to use the keyboard to quickly select the desired window.

WindowSwitcher allows you to display application windows in several ways:

List/Compact List – if you prefer minimalism, and orientate by window titles
Grid in this mode, the grid with live window thumbnails is displayed, it is very convenient to orientate by thumbnails of open windows
3D is a very beautiful and effective window thumbnails display mode, 12 variations are now available.


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