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Space Haven 0.9.0

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Space Haven 0.9.0 (early access)

Embark on a space voyage with your ragtag crew of civilians in search of a new home. Build spaceships tile by tile, create optimal gas conditions, manage the needs and moods of their crew, encounter other space-faring groups, and explore the universe in this spaceship colony sim.

Design & Build:

  • Customize – Complete freedom to build a spaceship or station of your own desire. Place every piece of ship hull, wall, door and facility wherever you want.
  • Functional – All facilities serve a purpose. Crew members will sleep in beds, use toilets, be disturbed by a noisy room and praise you for an arcade machine.

A functional spaceship can be built tile-by tile, giving you the opportunity to shape a spaceship of your own desire. It can be symmetric and streamlined, or an asymmetrical whimsical looking thing. It does not have to look like a conventional spaceship depicted in sci-fi literature, you are free to design your own, the choice is yours!

Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access
Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit


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