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Logicly 1.12.1

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Logicly 1.12.1 macOS

Teach logic gates + digital circuits effectively — with Logicly. Helps you learn or teach logic gates and circuits effectively. Logicly aims to keep students engaged and put them to work on their Physics or Informatics classes. Logicly lets you easily add new elements in your schemes, then helps you draw connections among them.

– Design circuits quickly and easily with a modern and intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop, copy/paste, zoom & more.
– Take control of debugging by pausing the simulation and watching the signal propagate as you advance step-by-step.
– Don’t worry about multiple platforms on student computers. Install on both Windows and macOS.

Create engaging, hands-on, homework assignments
– Let students experiment in a “no worries” simulation where undo is a click away — before building physical circuits.
– Encapsulate and avoid duplication by creating custom integrated circuits that you can drag and drop… just like gates.
– Customize Logicly for your curriculum by building libraries of custom circuits that students can “import” into their work.

Logic Gates:
Build logic circuits with a variety of gates, including AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, and NOT. Use either ANSI/IEEE or IEC symbols.

Need to build something a little more complex? Logicly also offers pre-built SR, D, JK, and T flip-flops with preset and clear inputs.

Input and Output:
Toggle switches, clocks, and buttons change the state of the circuit, while light bulbs and 4-bit digits provide human-readable output.

– Build and simulate basic logic circuits with just a few mouse clicks. Drag components into the editor.
– Control the Simulation
– Watch the simulator run in real time, or pause it to advance step by step at your own pace. Control clock components and drive signal propagation with a click of your mouse.
– When you are finished designing your circuit, you can save it to your hard drive. Great for handing in homework assignments and providing a starting point for lab activities.
– Cross-Platform

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