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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 MAX v5.4.1

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IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 MAX v5.4.1 [U2B] macOS-TRAZOR

AmpliTube 5 MAX
The ultimate guitar amp & FX modeling software bundle. Includes 11 brand/artist collections for over 400 gear models.

What’s new in AmpliTube 5
All new signal chain & routing freedom
An all-new drag & drop signal chain supports up to 57 simultaneous models, series / parallel routing and blended DI signal for unprecedented creative freedom.

New Cabinet section with VIR™ technology
Powerful new “Volumetric Impulse Response” radically transforms all 100+ cabinets in AmpliTube 5 with over 143,000 impulse response measurements in all.

Custom IR loader
Load, tilt and re-size your own impulse responses in place of any cabinet.

New Mixer with built-in effects
A new mixer lets you easily blend multiple cabs, mics and DI, with 23 new mixing effects, including some from T-RackS 5 to add a final studio sheen to any track.

New Gear
Over 130 brand new models, including 2 new stomps, 5 acclaimed amps, 2 new rooms, 23 new rack FX and over 100 completely re-captured cabinets.

Totally redesigned Custom Shop
Now you can simply browse the gear carousel on the right-hand side of AmpliTube’s GUI or use the available drop-down menus to demo or unlock any gear you want.

What’s New in version 5.4
AmpliTube 5.4 adds direct access to ToneNET, IK’s free new preset-sharing community for AmpliTube 5.

This update also brings native Apple M1 support to AmpliTube 5 and improved CPU optimization for MESA Boogie 2 Collection models.

IK’s groundbreaking new AmpliTube X-GEAR pedals are now available inside AmpliTube 5. Demo X-SPACE, X-TIME, X-DRIVE and X-VIBE right in your studio. Save presets and transfer back & forth to the physical units.


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