Twitter was announced the championship eSkootr (eSC), the world’s first official racing series for electric scooters, like the movie Tron.

If you remember the American film of 1982 or later, 2010, it is likely you remember the scene racing futuristic cars, surrounded by a multitude of glowing neon lights. A similar decision we will soon see eSC – the first ever official racing series, including the competition using a specially designed electric scooters.

Competitions must be open and therefore to unite all stakeholders, including car drivers, cyclists, snowboarders, and even skaters. At their disposal will be innovative scooters, designed for high speed of up to 100 km/h. championship eSkootr cooperates with suppliers of advanced technologies in the field of construction of vehicles, and the first prototype of the scooter is planned to be presented at the end of this year.