Lenovo Yoga X is a new Android tablet, which became available due to leakage. Designed as an additional screen for other hardware, such as laptops, smartphones and even the Nintendo console Switch.

Evana Blass, who many of you know under the nickname Evleaks posted a image of the gadget in the Internet. It has a distinctive line of Yoga base at the bottom that allows you to position the device at a predetermined angle. For more information about this model received the service XDA-Developers.

We know that Lenovo Yoga X can act as an additional screen for other devices. These can be laptops, smartphones, and, as they say, Nintendo Switch. The equipment will automatically switch to display mode when connecting with a HDMI cable. Specification of the tablet are still unknown.

More information has not been disclosed. Price and release date Lenovo Yoga X also remain a mystery.

The idea is not entirely new, as similar to the way Apple allows you to use your own iPad when connected to a Mac.