During a pandemic, people come up with different things. During the isolation of the camping trailer made in the old jet engine. Work on this Amateur project took a total of more than 1000 hours.

Steve Jones decided to remake an old jet engine in a camping trailer. Rework went XV104 model Vickers, who served in the British Royal air force for almost 45 years. The engine was decommissioned in 2012, with almost 40 thousands of hours of work. The plane hit the metal, and the engine to Steve Jones, who decided to create from it something like a caravan and places to travel and live.

Jones took 6 years to rework the engine in a suitable place to live and almost 1000 hours of operation. However, all this time the mechanic took care of the details. Jones used his experience as a mechanic and a man who in previous years, among other things, engaged in repair camping trailers. In the end, his trailer became interested and wanted to buy. Some offer him more than 30 thousand dollars.