Apple has some time in their phones does not use the fingerprint of the finger, it was replaced by the Face ID, that is, the unlocking of the phone face. However, this does not mean that the company has stopped work on the scanner.

Moreover, according to recent rumors, it seems that Apple is even going to recover a biometric solution. This is because the service AppleInsider discovered the patent, which makes clear that Apple is working on a biometric solution Touch ID, but placed on display.

The Apple patent also describes the problem and displays an example of forming a set of microlenses, which can Shine through the aperture and thereby strengthen the possibilities of such a scanner. This is not the first and, perhaps, no recent Apple patent of this kind, because the company has reserved and other methods to fingerprint, hidden under the display.

Of course, that Apple patents such decisions, does not automatically mean that in a year we will see an iPhone with Touch ID. Rather proves that the company is not abandoned entirely the thought of failure of this from the scanner.