Scientists from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (USA) have officially confirmed the record length zipper, which has been observed in Brazil. In addition, there was a lightning record time, shining in the sky.

In 2018 during Halloween in Brazil appeared in the sky record a long zipper. Thanks to new technology of satellite imagery it was possible to measure the discharge and to officially confirm its record length. According to data provided by scientists, the Brazilian lightning was long a whopping 709 km (for visualisation of scale – the distance between Moscow and St. Petersburg 634 km (in a straight)). By the way, was also declared a second record, this time it was lightning a record duration of stay in the sky. She was spotted in Rosario in Argentina, and the locals could look at it for a record of 16.7 seconds.

“Establishing a record outside of the zipper can be very important for many scientific fields, as well as for engineering and safety,” said Professor Randall Cherven from the world meteorological organization, commenting on the record level. The previous record length zipper was a 327-kilometer category observed in 2009 in Oklahoma. The previous record for the longest category was lightning observed in the French Provence in 2012 – it was visible in the sky for 7,74 seconds.