Xiaomi increasingly included in the segment monitors – we will soon see the debut of a new model offering update screen at 165 Hz. Became known, the further plans of the Chinese brand in this thread.

A few weeks ago was the debut of the first monitor Xiaomi branded Redmi, but the plans of the Chinese concern in this hardware segment is much wider. This time they will be aimed primarily at gamers.

Xiaomi is aiming to debut a new model with the gaming character. Monitor Xiaomi will be available in three variants size: 24.5, 27 and 29.5 inches. The early – in July – in stores should get the option of a 27-inch screen, while the rest will be available in September.

The monitor should have a high screen refresh rate Hz в165. It is also possible that soon the market will be two models for gamers with a diagonal of 27 and 29.5 in representing the image in 4K resolution. Xiaomi plans also include the debut of universal models with a screen of 27 inches, which should appear at the turn of 2020 and 2021.