Although Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7, there is still a group of fans of the old OS that can not accept this fact, to such an extent that it produced a vision of a modern version of Windows 7.

As of 14 January 2020, technical support and software updates from Windows update to help protect your PC running Windows 7 is no longer available. Though Microsoft has long said about the decision, many people still can’t part with your favorite operating system.

It is not surprising that for many, the refusal to support Windows 7 – a sad moment. This operating system introduced many important functions and at the same time has been praised for its architecture.

Fortunately, there are still people like tuber known as Hacker 34, who decided to create his own vision of Windows 7, which perfectly fits modern realities.

Windows 7 2020 Edition offers a new menu “start” and uses a new design language called Fluentmorphism.

Attention should be given the opportunity to change the appearance of the interface by using the color menu. The system also has a dark mode and is fully adapted to work in tablet mode. Everything looks very good and thoughtfully. Unfortunately… it’s still just a vision fan.

Interested we refer to the video below.