If you ever dreamed to analyze the rocks on Mars, with the help of interesting NASA project now you can find a replacement for such emotions. App AI4Mars available in the browser allows you to travel to the red planet aboard the Mars Rover Curiosity to explore the area.

The simulation was prepared by the jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA, and the task is to classify the terrain you’ll encounter. We get photographs, which then must be described as sand, stones and so on.

Now, NASA collects information on all classification and on this basis will be trained for artificial intelligence that the system could in the future, to independently operate the Rovers on alien planets without the involvement of human operators in a distant Land.

Therefore, if we correctly label the sand in AI4Mars, there is a high probability that in the distant future some other Rover breaks down on Mars. Who knows, maybe this way we’ll save humanity! Independent management is preferable in this case.