In the current situation where we all need to take into account the presence of the virus COVID-19 and its impact on society, we wear face masks. Many fabric or paper face masks to hide our appearance and our personality. We are losing personal connections with people when we don’t understand their intentions and you can’t see facial expressions of other people.

Now there is the world’s first transparent mask LEAF FDA registered, possessing the standard abilities air filtering N99 and function of self-cleaning thanks to the integrated UV radiation. LEAF allows you to reconnect with your loved ones, while staying safe behind the transparent face mask. This allows us to be as close to “normal” as we can be right now.

The new mask is made of transparent medical silicone that provides a universal fit, ensuring that your face is not visually hidden by the opaque mask. To achieve this objective, LEAF has the filters located around the chin, keeping your nose, mouth and cheeks visible to the people around you. This essentially makes the mask more friendly, allowing others to see your lips or face when you speak to them. The product comes in 4 different sizes that will fit both children and adults.

Silicone mask has the function of anti-fogging, so the LEAF does not become turbid on the inside with every breath. Theoretically, this means that it also could potentially allow the unlocking function using the face of your smartphone without having to remove the mask! When you breathe, air passes through the filter N99 filter+ HEPA filter\HEPA-Carbon working just like a normal mask, but giving you 99% pure air.

One of the 3 options – LEAF PRO has active ventilation and measurement of air quality. She has managed iOS/Android app ventilation and air quality sensor that gives you information about the quality of the air around you. The deployment of these advanced technologies allows LEAF PRO paramount to ensure safe breathing.