The Chinese are developing a new seaplane, which will be the largest aircraft that can take off and land with the water surface. This model can also be used in the traditional way – using a concrete strip. After the break caused by the pandemic, the Chinese returned for further testing.

New seaplane called AG600 Kunlong and for more than ten years developed, the Chinese State aviation Corporation. As for the size of the aircraft, in this case we are dealing with dimensions, very similar to the iconic Boeing 737. It is expected that Chinese seaplane will receive four turboprop engines, which will allow him to reach the speed of 550 kilometers per hour. At one gas station Shows the AG600 will be able to fly about 4500 miles, remaining in the air for 12 hours.

On Board AG600 Kunlong will accommodate about 50 people. The Chinese claim that a seaplane allows you to recruit 12 tons of water in 20 seconds. Ultimately, the seaplane must serve in the army, and also during rescue and search operations.