Signal is a messaging app that provides user privacy. Its developers have designed the feature which is the ability to blur faces in photos. This can be done using new options, introduced photo editing tools. Therefore, the saved photos can be used in other applications.

Signal represents a new tool for photo editing. This is an opportunity to blur the faces of people in photos. This is another variant of privacy protection, which appears in the popular messenger. How does the new feature?

The photo editing tools there is a new option to blur faces. Pressing it in the app allows you to automatically hide the images of the people in the pictures. Of course, it may be that the program cannot recognize all the faces. Then you can blur them manually with a brush.

Thus, the modified image can be added to the camera roll and then use in other applications. Made in the messenger Signal changes. A new feature already implemented in applications for Android devices and iOS.

Signal is a messenger designed foruse WhatsApp and Telegram.

More about this messenger can be learned from the following video.