Destiny 3 will not appear in the near future. The creators of shooter yesterday presented the plans for the coming years, with plans for further expansion until 2022. Every twelve months and shall rotate the older, less popular content, which should reduce the size of the game.

The game has become “too big for effective updating and manipulation,” – said the creators during online presentations. This leads to the fact that errors are becoming more and more, and correcting them takes time that could be spent on the introduction to the game of innovation, which, of course, necessary.

“Instead of having to create the 3 Destiny, and to abandon D2, each year we will rotate older, less active content to migrate it into what we called Destiny Content Vault (DCV)”, – explained the developers. – “This will allow you to add and maintain D2 for many years, including three annual extensions.”

These three additions have already received names. First – Beyond Light – will launch this fall, September 22, and, according to rumors, will take effect in Europe. It seems that we will face here with Aramisa seeking to build an army.

DCV for starters will include everything from the first Destiny, and some elements of Destiny 2, but each year the developers will “pull” some of the sights. First and foremost it will be the spaceport, as well as three strikes, and – probably most like the players – raid Vault of Glass.

In the fall of the game will disappear Mars, IO, Titan and mercury, and Leviathan together with all missions and tasks. That’s a lot of content that clearly shows that Bungie will aim to send players to the novelty. We will still be able to get exotic weapons.

After the release of Beyond Light players will be able to visit Europe (New) military base (moved from DCV), as well as the moon, Tangled Shore, Dreaming City, European Dead Zone, and Nessus. “This will allow us to better respond to feedback and introduce more innovation,” said the developers in the announcement.

If we talk about the other two extensions, the 2021 gamers will get The Witch Queen, and in 2022 will be the addition Lightfall. Then it is likely to play on newer consoles, as Destiny 2 is currently converted also PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.