Microsoft Teams – is an application that is constantly being improved. The giant from Redmond has introduced another new product, and this time she connected with the background communication. Users can finally install it using your own photos. By the way, was declared the decisions available in the free version Teams.

Microsoft this week announced news for application Teams that constantly attracts new users. These include backgrounds for video free version messenger, where we have introduced some features that were previously only available in the paid version of the software.

Microsoft Teams finally allows you to set a background video using any photo. Thus, users can decide what to display during a conversation with other people. In the company explain that the way vidoobrazovanie will be more fun and personal.

There are also two innovations that Microsoft Teams gets in the free version. The first is the online comments, which were announced in March. The second is the ability to schedule appointments in advance. This can be done with others by sending them a special invitation. I should add that such conversations have no time limit. For comparison, the free version of Zoom is 40 minutes.