Microsoft Edge with Chromium is the web browser, which debuted earlier this year. Then the giant from Redmond announced that he will begin to share them through the mechanism of automatic updates. Initially, however, it was not complete. Now Microsoft started to deploy the program via Windows update.

Microsoft released the Edge browser with Chromium technology in January of this year. The program, however, was optional and everyone can decide whether he wants to download it and then install. Initially, the application was not complete. It lacked some features that were available along with updates.

Currently Microsoft Edge on the Chromium base already sufficiently completed that the Redmond giant has started to release it through Windows Update for users of older versions with dozens of issues with the rooms 1803, 1809, 1903 and 1909. In the latter case, no additional files are required, but the first three must be in current versions with bug fixes.

At the moment this only applies to Windows users 10. Of course, for older editions of Windows or macOS, automatic sharing Microsoft Edge impossible. Of upgrading to Windows 10 May 2020 the company has suspended the development of the older versions of the browser engine, EdgeHTML. Soon it will be completely replaced with the version with Chromium.