The official premiere of the Honor X10 Max will be held in a week (it is scheduled for July 2). TENAA has revealed a large part of the spec, but missed the decisive feature of the screen – very bright and provide excellent readability in sunlight. A video demonstration of this came today in the network.

The test was conducted near the Tropic of Cancer Marker, where at a certain time of day the Sun is directly overhead. And it shines brightly – 168 000 Lux, but impressive of 7.09-inch display remains perfectly legible.

What is the secret? It uses an RGBW matrix, that is, each pixel has a white subpixel. Moreover, the extra brightness is achieved without additional discharge, since the removal of the color filter at the subpixel W lets in more light. By the way, the battery will have a capacity of 5000 mAh.