European organization for nuclear research announced its support for the giant particle accelerator with a length of a hundred kilometers, which will be created in the vicinity of Geneva. This huge project, three times the Large hadron Collider, CERN will spend more than 20 billion euros!

The large hadron Collider, launched in 2008, remains the world’s largest particle accelerator 27 kilometres long, but the European organization for nuclear research, has much more ambitious plans associated with this type of device. The Council of the organization unanimously expressed support for the creation of a much larger accelerator length of 100 kilometers.

This so-called Future Circular Collider (FCC), which will be built around Geneva and will intersect with the Large hadron Collider in two places.

CERN suggests that the construction of a new accelerator will be completed by 2040 and will be used for the collision of electrons with positrons – the elementary particles of antimatter and antiparticle of the electron. This, in turn, will allow a better understanding of the Higgs boson, an elementary particle, discovered in 2012, and maybe even antimatter. Preliminary calculations show that the construction of the FCC will cost 21 billion euros.

It is important to note that the decision of the CERN does not mean that in the near future, work will begin on the accelerator. This is just the first step to start such a project. Still need to find a location for the tunnel, you should also check whether it is possible to build it in the heart of the Large hadron Collider. Only then can we think about financing the whole project, not to mention the development of the accelerator. It is not surprising that CERN has determined the final date for this initiative 2040.