“Smart” home devices can be hacked, whether the camera and microphone of a laptop or smartphone. Phishing, poor password, or negligence can lead to cracking of the mailbox or your Bank account. However, we must not forget the more traditional methods of observation. Best of all it shows the fact that a regular household light bulb can listen from a distance of 25 metres.

The effectiveness of wiretapping with the help of usual improvised light bulb proved by scientists of the University of Ben-Gurion and the Scientific Institute Weizmann. Published jointly in scientific work, they explain that those present in each building, whether homes, businesses or public places, light bulbs allow eavesdropping in real-time at distances up to 25 meters.

For the whole operation is enough light bulbs, a laptop and the device cost about $ 400. This device is an electro-optical sensor, which is sufficient to guide in the direction of the bulb.

Is it efficient? Studies show that Yes. The researchers were able to obtain relatively clear record of standing on the bridge and “aiming” at the box office, located about 25 metres.