The company CATL – the world’s largest supplier of EV batteries announced that it has created a new type of battery that can withstand 1.24 million miles and, therefore, almost 2 million kilometers.

The biggest problem of modern electric cars is the durability of the installed batteries in them. Over the years, they lose their capacity and therefore need replacing. While the most popular products of Panasonic and LG stand just over 300 000 km, the last work of CATL may shed light on the period of use of such devices.

We are talking about a completely new concept of battery, which, according to the world’s largest supplier of automotive batteries, has a lifespan of up to 2 million kilometers. This result is quite impressive that it is impossible, however, for the fact of its existence acts as Elon Musk himself. The Tesla CEO went to the headquarters of the company and confirmed the existence of this kind of battery. Moreover, he decided to use the innovative battery in future cars Tesla.