All of you probably know that Apple devices could be realized fully only when used within their own ecosystem. The Apple Watch can only work with iPhone, Android is not able to get to work all the functions of the AirPods, and Mac and even works with Windows, not only loses a fraction of its capabilities but also its unique charm. At least so is considered to be among the users of Apple technology. However, as practice shows, sometimes in the third-party ecosystem of Apple devices perform better than their.

How figured out the experts of the edition Notebook Check, install Windows on MacBook Air the year 2020 allows a default to increase the maximum brightness of its display. If on macOS, the maximum brightness is 400 nits, after installing the operating system from Microsoft, the figure increases to 550 nits, that is, almost one-third, which is quite unusual. Because on any other model, nothing like this happens. And since it’s quite a significant increase, the nature of which is still unexplored, it is worth to elaborate.

Brightness MacBook Air 2020

First of all it is important to note that the increase in brightness is not a failure, because with its increase does not occur any changes, neither in the color space, neither in terms of contrast. Picture when the brightness of 550 nits looks so clear and smooth, as if the figure was exhibited at around 400 nits. The only thing that suffers a bit is the depth of black, say the experts, however, notice the difference only when you use specialized equipment, whereas to the naked eye any changes are observed.

So, in the end, happens? Did Apple deliberately understated the rate of brightness his new laptop, and Microsoft took, and removed artificially introduced restriction? Well, theoretically it is quite possible, especially because in the past this has happened. For example, a year ago, Apple released macOS 10.14.4, which increased the brightness of the display MacBook Air 2018 model year by 30%. However, in absolute terms, the gradation was not as noticeable because the increase was from 300 NIT to 400. But how to explain that the experts themselves:

  • Maybe the Apple MacBook Air sets in 2020 displays from different manufacturers that have different peak brightness. Therefore, Apple can understate the rates of all laptops, so that customers received comparable experience.
  • Due to the fact that the peak brightness observed small shifts in colour, Apple might find it unacceptable, and therefore is specifically limited to the maximum brightness, so that users can only work with the highest quality picture.
  • The display of the new MacBook Air really maintains peak brightness at 550 nits, but because the Retina MacBook Pro panel is a similar figure, it is possible that Apple wanted to keep between them a small gap, providing the advantage of a professional model.

Why Apple cut the MacBook Air brightness 2020

Notebook Check experts believe the most likely the last option. In the end, Apple has repeatedly artificially limited functional capability of their devices. For example, the iPhone SE 2020, despite top iron, can’t do night shots and even allows you to use portrait mode shooting, animal, discerning only people. It is therefore possible that here and there a little Apple cut the potential of their devices to their background older models didn’t look quite so useless, given the significant difference in price.