Recently you can find reports that Apple added a particular Mac in the list of obsolete or end-of-life (Yes, they are different things). Any device or technology age, hardware, computers lags far behind modern analogues. For this reason, many believe that if the next MacBook Air or MacBook Pro got one of these lists, the computer can “give up” and prepare it for sale. But if you think well, from the purchase of these devices, conversely, can benefit.

Apple has recently translated five of the Macs in the list of “outdated”, and it is possible that the used model is also in this list. Some of my fellow authors still using the old MacBook and the iMac, including me. For example, my main working machine is Mac mini 2011 (the customized, right — SSD with 1 TB and 16 GB RAM) and the secondary (at the time of quarantine — main) was the MacBook Pro Retina late 2012.

Why I don’t mind? More on that later — first let us examine what a legacy (vintage) and of retired computers of Apple.

What is obsolete and end-of-life Apple device

Although the word “old” (vintage) may force you to remember the cool old clothes or rare collectibles, you rarely think about something good when you hear the words “vintage” and “MacBook” in the same sentence — not to mention the word “obsolete”. The differences between obsolete and end-of-life Mac in age and right to service.

Obsolete Mac is a device that was discontinued more than 5 and less than 7 years ago. Service centres of Apple, including Apple stores continue to maintain the hardware outdated Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and even Apple TV depending on the availability of necessary components or in the framework of current legislation.

Here’s what Apple says about end-of-life devices:

End-of-life are products discontinued more than 7 years ago. Products Beats, released under the brand Monster, are out of operation regardless of the time of their acquisition. Apple does not provide hardware maintenance for any products, end-of-life (no exceptions). Service centers do not have the possibility to order spare parts for end-of-life products.

In fact, if you have a “legacy” device, you’ll still be able to fix it until parts and services for it is still available. If you have end-of-life product, you will not be able to maintain it.

Old Mac work as well?

There is no correlation between obsolete and end-of-life computers and software updates. Apple is proud to the years, provides current FOR all its products, even if your device is obsolete, it does not necessarily mean that it will no longer receive operating system updates.

For anybody not a secret that Apple is responsible supports older devices with software updates. My MacBook Pro Retina, which this year will knock 8 years, now works on macOS Catalina and feels great, despite the mixed reviews.

How to save money when buying a Mac

If you buy a new MacBook today, you have at least five years before this model will become “obsolete”, i.e. no matter what you have a problem with this MacBook, within five years you will be able to fix it. Obviously, after the expiration of the warranty period for the repair will have to pay out of pocket, but it is certainly better than to send the MacBook in the trash or collecting dust in the closet.

In my experience, repair your laptop Windows a few years can be a nightmare. Depending on what your warranty and where you purchased the device, the repair process can be terrible.

MacBook often criticized for the fact that they are quite expensive, andthis has some truth, I think when making major purchases it is necessary to consider the life of the product. As a minimum, you need seven years to the new MacBook was “released from service”. And this is a good way to save on the purchase of your computer. New MacBook Pro now costs 120 thousand roubles and above, and three (or four) computer, you can get much cheaper, you only need to look at the condition. But you can be sure that your money he will work, and Apple will not leave it without updates for some time.