Night theme, which Apple added in iOS 13, was perhaps one of the most desirable of innovations. Despite the fact that some wanted to reduce the burden on your eyes in dark environments and to save battery life, night theme meet the needs of those and others. In Cupertino a very responsible approach to its creation and helped to obscure not only the look of your operating system, but the interface third-party applications, of course, with the appropriate support. That’s only the developers for some reason not in a hurry to introduce the most support.

I think you have to pay attention that support for night theme appears in popular applications is quite slow. Because of this, many have the impression that developers are simply careless approach to his duties and not in a hurry to optimize their software properly. However, if you look, you can see that this is not true, or rather, not so. Just to add to the application a night theme, it is not enough just to apply a black fill. You also need a special way to adapt it.

Night mode in iOS

Despite the fact that Xcode is, in fact, allows you to enable night theme in two clicks to release it in release it’s still impossible. Yes, the IDE colorizes some of the interface elements in black color and even invert the fonts to make them easier to see against a dark background, but nothing good out of this is still not out. Therefore, the development studios have to attract designers to those first sat down and analyzed the entire interface, then formulated a plan to redesign and finally implemented what was planned.

But it is only in words, sounds easy. In practice it is quite difficult. Due to the fact that the interface of most applications is not a static design, and animated, often, it generally has to be redrawn. For example, the developer of a fitness app Reps & Sets said that he took 40 hours of time for just painting over 100 images and 300 images used in the application interface. The term “repaint” is used here only in so far as. Still, the result does not look flat, in addition to the pour application the developer had yet to work with shadows, reflections and other components of the picture.

What is the complexity of nightly themes

And then there are logos that are registered trademarks. Therefore, attempts to modify their design are automatically legally significant actions that need to re-register, not to mention that some logos are in principle not amenable to optimization for the dark theme. Just imagine how would look like the Facebook logo, which wasin accordance with the characteristics of the dark interface. It’s just horrible.

The completion of the night theme does not equal success. It is very important to ensure that all elements of the app looked and worked exactly the same and day theme. Simply put, when you switch the design of the application should not be changed radically to change only shades the front-end components. That is, users should not notice the advantages of one version over another, because of this, many may start to use either the dark theme or the light,their purpose is only to adapt to the conditions of ambient lighting.