The blatant mockery of the users of Apple’s DNA. Remember the keyboard, “butterfly”: it is openly and obviously didn’t work from the beginning, but hard and suicidal insistence Apple or trying something someone to prove, or its management and was wondering how long they (i.e. we) will suffer. Another example of ill – treatment users- archaic camera with a resolution of 1.2 MP in even the best of Macs. Why they do it, and how will it end? Probably not to list shortcomings of the new MacBook Pro and Air and iMac, it was repeated almost one in one year: an ancient chamber, the thick frame around the screen, which still does not support touch-interface, and price.

Digress for a moment from the “chamber” theme: epic keyboard-butterfly is still not over, the team that was involved in this miracle of high technology, not broken up, almost at full strength she is working on the “butterfly II”, overcoming and dislike of their product and the complexity of coronavirus period (develop iron on udalenke something else fun). But in the background stuck in the past 720p web camera, embedded in the most modern and popular Mac, the problems with the butterfly only a brief moment. Eclipse. 720p – forever?

In the mid-noughties, Apple was at least one of the first large IT companies, who decided to turn the webcam iSight own development an integral part of the design of laptops. At that time the technical data of the camera was more than decent: 360p, unprecedented ease of configuration, etc., but not only gratitude, but even though understanding from the experts, Apple did not wait. The company was advised to add to the camera “makeup” with Apple logo and stop here. However, soon the same “obviously futile nonsense” appeared and the competitors, as something useful and reasonable.

In 2008 and in smartphones, and personal computers technical specifications front facing cameras are nearly identical. What has become of the front camera smartphones these days, you know. Over those 12 years the camera for personal computers practically did not change. Apple FaceTime HD camera for Macs has not changed at all.

Camera in MacBooks and iMacs

With the life philosophy of the Apple (then Apple Computer) I ran into in the late 80’s, and the first that I have heard from representatives of this company in response to our “we have so-and-so” was “no, you don’t need it”. Later I heard this statement again and again on various occasions. Very often it is true, but not always. About the archaic built-in Mac and Webcams Apple never said nothing, but silence, most likely, can be translated as “not”. If you think about it, really – why would a laptop or desktop computer to need a more powerful (and more expensive) camera, if so, for what it is, it copes without problems, and for selfies and the like perversions smartphones out of the competition?

To judge how outdated and backwardness FaceTime HD cameras for Macs affects their sales, it’s hard, for the last 12 years, only once tried to change something: iMac Pro in 2017 instead of the 720p FaceTime HD suddenly set 1080p FaceTime HD. The computer was designed as a powerful and expensive workstation, a monster in the skin of the iMac, and extra hundred dollars in cost have not changed. And the surge of sales due to significantly better the webcam – it was not.

In any case, no one who bought an iMac Pro in our Telegram chat did not mention among the reasons influencing this purchase. Best camera just did not notice. And none of the reviews (if I missed) she did not spend more than a couple of words. And and all Mac (except Mac mini and Mac Pro) then, as before, were or are being produced with the same camera 720p. The appeal of the current Apple laptops are not affected by this.

Think about it: if new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air had a 1080p camera, but they would be worth $ 100 more expensive, would you be satisfied? Saying that Apple is regularly professional researchers of public opinion polls on the subject, and the result of these polls we see on the Mac screen. $ 100 for something that does not really need, people don’t want to pay.

To add a more powerful camera as an option in the online store? Expensive. The conclusion is sad as COVID-19: is this forever, and in the analogues of today’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in 10-15 years will still be the same weak outdated camera that now?

Face ID in Apple computers

At the end of 2020 (by planning prior to the pandemic), or in the first half of 2021 or even later, but Macs appear new authentication method – Face ID. And in order to make this possible, archaic webcam will have to cede his place to a system of sensors, and almost certainly to the camera (or cameras) in the system requirements will be much higher.