Just a few hours ago, I published an article about the comparison of the pricing policies of Apple and Samsung , for example, two smartphones with the same price in the US, one of whom, while going to Russia fell more than twice. To understand why this happened, a special work has not made. Affected by the positioning apparatus, and especially the niches that they occupied. However, in the process of preparing the material, I noticed that the pricing policy may vary not only among different companies but among different offices of the same company. As, for example, in the case of Apple.

Many people know that in Russia the prices of Apple products are formed with an eye on the Euro, not the dollar. Therefore, if we translate the retail cost of virtually any device in Europe in rubles, you get about equal value. But few people wondered where all taken from the so-called European price. Meanwhile, as practice shows, this is a completely independent category, which is not the case, as in the US.

How much iPhone costs in USA

To make it clearer, I propose to begin to understand this topic on the example of the new iPhone SE. Everyone knows that he costs only $ 400 for the version in the base configuration. However, it costs so much only in the U.S. and exclusively in tax-free States, of which only 5: Delaware, new Hampshire, Alaska, Oregon, and Montana. Residents of all other States, buying a new iPhone, will have to pay sales tax, which varies from a minimum of 4.7% in Hawaii to a maximum of 11.5% in Illinois. As a result, the Hawaiians will pay for iPhone SE 2020 – $ 418, Illinois – 445 dollars, and all the rest — something on average.

But, if you look, it turns out that Americans, even when the tax is paid for the same item less than the Europeans. Because in Germany the new iPhone SE 479 euros, and in Spain – and at 489. If you translate euros to dollars, it turns out the difference in average 70 dollars is not in favor of Europe and Russia, where the prices for Apple equipment is about the same. Why is this happening? Most likely, the case features of the tax systems in USA and European countries.

The tax on the iPhone

If you noticed, in the US there is no such thing as VAT. There is a sales tax, the amount of which each state sets individually, however, the Federal tax is not provided. Exactly the same practice in the States, and all other taxes, and they may have to charge not only state but also Federal government, and, beyond that, and municipality. In Europe though the progressive tax rate, you only pay once.

Therefore, taking into account all the taxes paid by American, he buy the iPhone not at home, probably no cheaper than European. Whether it is foreigners. Moreover, they do not compensate for the difference in price payment of other taxes and sales tax can not pay. After all, if you use the services of the services of mail forwarding from the US, where the stores are located in tax-free States, in the end, you will receive the goods without tax on the original price specified on the manufacturer’s website. In Europe the system is a little different. There is a tax already included in the price, but because you can request a refund at checkout, getting 19% back. However, this can only be done personally, so mailforwarding this trick will not work.