“Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”. This language should be familiar to anyone who had to deal with Apple devices. Of course, in fact, it indicates exactly the same thing as the famous “Made in China”, but Cupertino could not afford to declare all their products are made in China. Despite the fact that the primary Assembly partner for Apple is China, in fact the Assembly of vehicles the company is not only in China but also in many other places. However, most markets electronics assembled in the USA, Ireland, India or Vietnam usually arrives. But recently the situation began to improve.

As it turned out, Apple isn’t just going to run production lines in Vietnam, and did it already, and even brought the first Vietnamese AirPods Pro. This drew the attention of several users who purchased wireless headphones company. Now in their buildings the second part of the phrase “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China” was replaced with “Assembled in Vietnam”. By and large there’s nothing to that. The camera pans the Assembly. But if you think it is possible to conclude that Vietnam could become the new Apple for China.

As Apple depends on China

In fact, everything had been going just for this, but for many the transfer of production to Vietnam – though partial – was still evident. And the reasons for this decision, frankly, a lot.

  • Since China has outgrown the status of a silent performer, gradually acquiring the traits of the scientific center, the price of labor in the country has increased, and hence increased the cost of manufacturing equipment;
  • In China, like it or not, quite complex epidemiological situation, because the Chinese are the origin of many viruses, which stopped most of the production capacity in the country;
  • Tensions between the US and China, which the American government and then threaten to raise taxes for companies producing their products in China, clearly not contribute to Apple’s desire to remain in limbo and fear the imposition of new taxes;
  • Recently the Chinese authorities said that considering the introduction in February of the same sanctionsthat the US imposed against Huawei, planning to prohibit the company to cooperate with Chinese enterprises.

Even two of the four of these reasons is enough to think about the necessity of autonomy from China. Frankly, it did. In Cupertino do not have to wait to play all the factors, and began to allocate production to different countries. For now, Apple is very dependent on China, its workers and businesses. Anything could happen and the company will simply lose the opportunity to continue the production of branded products unabated. Therefore, a systematic transfer of production capacity abroad — and preferably not one – was only a matter of time.

The quality of Apple products

Will it be something for users? Probably not. Even if Apple can reduce the cost of production and to take advantage of several million dollars, obviously, to distribute them between all your devices will have no opportunity, because instead of $ 999 , the new iPhone will cost 998. In a word, nonsense. Changes in product quality probably is not worth waiting for. Still, Apple has very strict quality control, which she carries with him everywhere, where he began to produce his technique. Therefore, Chinese, and Vietnamese AirPods Pro will be identical.